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Before you contact us, you might find the following description of our services useful.


editing & writing

BMPS offers a complete writing and editing service. To help guide you in how we might help your project we have listed brief descriptions of common types of editing below.

So we know what level of editing your project needs, we might ask you to provide all or a portion of your text. Have a look at our editing portfolio page to see some of our specific editing projects.

Structural editing is "big picture" editing, and looks at a document's entire internal structure. Do you need a reference list? Is there an imprint page? Maybe that preface really is a foreword?

Copy editing includes the checking of a document's spelling, grammar and punctuation, the recasting of inelegant sentences or the checking of references.

Proofreading only takes place when the document is internally sound, typeset and ready for publication. Several 'sweeps' ensure there are no mistakes in spelling or punctuation, and that editorial and design consistency have been maintained. Queries are returned to the author for confirmation or correction. This basic—and often underrated—service is important in establishing a document's credibility.

BMPS also offers a full writing and research service . The extent of our involvement with your project is negotiated, and can range from working with raw material supplied by the client to on-site interviews.


Presentation of your text and images is vital to communicate your message. We work with you to make sure all the fine details of a good design are in place: good typography, appropriate imagery, the best reproduction; professional typesetting.

Visit our portfolio page, and follow us on Facebook, to see some examples of our projects.

PRINT & publish

The options for publishing have never been greater, but knowing which medium is the most appropriate for your project can be bewildering. Do you want a paper book or an ebook, or both? If you want ink-on-paper, should you go for offset, digital or print-on-demand? We will help you navigate the often confusing array of printing and publishing options.

See our portfolio page, and follow us on Facebook, to see some examples of our projects.

project management

We can undertake complete management of your project, whether it be the research, writing, design and installation of an interpretive display in a remote location, supervising the production of your annual report, or assisting you with your first self-published book.

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